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Mgh XV - Silo Works by DpressedSoul

first thing i have to say is that my OCD goes hectic over this picture, the uniformity of the pillars (or pillar and half really) is re...

The Road Goes Ever On And On And On And On by DpressedSoul

Hello Florian, it's been a While. Happy new year and I hope you had a merry Yule. Now for the image, I gave you five stars on three of ...

The Obscure Camera by DpressedSoul

This is by far one of your best photos Florian. You have stepped out of your boundaries and your thought-box as I call and and went out...

Contest Prize - Shadowlight by Gewalgon

This aamzing piece of artwork is absolutely fantastic, your best so far, for many reasons, primarily the effect of the tail is brillian...



Dance for me - kuroshitsuji - cover by midnightbluedestiny
Dance for me - kuroshitsuji - cover
okay i dont own the images i just googled and used powerpoint to crappily edit so yes i know sebastian looks crappyi couldnt help it but in wanted a cover for it and here one is! immalso rewriting the fanfiction and continuing with it so hopefully it will go a lot better.
Kuroshitsuji - dance for me (cover pic) by midnightbluedestiny
Kuroshitsuji - dance for me (cover pic)
i dont own any of the picutre i found them on gogle and crappily edited them, i know sebastian is crappy, i just used powerpoint to do it so dont judge lol
My Brother's friend by midnightbluedestiny
My Brother's friend
Just a sketch of my little brother's best friend. Martin Hruska check out his Facebook profile to see how well I did
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Want me - TIBBS (TonyXGibbs) ONESHOT

Gibbs had had to fight to keep the growl out of his voice all day. - Tony had been going on and on about some 'new squeeze' he'd been seeing. In his head Gibbs knew it was necessary for Tony to lie, that was irrational to be jealous of a fictional character that Tony had dreamed up as a cover for them both.

But that was just it, the busty blonde was what Tony WANTED to be seen with - not a grumbling, old, gunny sergeant. By the time Tony had drivelled on about sneaking gropes of 'her' whole they had cuddled on the sofa watching 'The Godfather', Gibbs was getting PISSED. It had been HIM Tony had gropes and persuaded into more ACTIVE activities. Not some dumb blonde.

"Dinozzo! With me!" He called, knowing well the other was immediately on his six.

He lead his partner, in every way, to the elevator and slammed his hand on the red button as soon as the two doors met and then met his lips with Tony's own.

"You REALLY know hot to push my babe." He growled before pulling the other into a  hard, possessive, kiss.

It was the kind of kiss that had Tony's eyes rolling back into his head as every nerve in his body was ignited with fire by the passion in the meeting of their lips.  He didn't know what he'd done but he sure as hell wasn't complaining.

By the time they pulled away for breath, Gibbs had pulled himself into a corner and both arms up, hands in Tony's chocolate strands and one knee shoved very prominently between Tony's  thighs and against his hardening cock. Tony could read that body language in black and white. His baby was needy as fuck and wanted to be dominated, wanted....


It hit Tony like a bullet. All his tale tales about a busty blonde had Jethro feeling unwanted, jealous and alone.  "Oh Babe," he murmured against the other's neck, "the girl is who I am EXPECTED" to want. Not what I want. What I want is a naval investigative officer with washboard abs, a huge, hard cock, and a firm hand that alone can have my cumming all over myself, ready for him to lick up." Even as he spoke Tony could see that Jethro wasn't buying what he was selling. He knew what he needed to do and he'd be lying if he said he wouldn't enjoy it.

"On your knees Marine." He barked sternly unsurprised when his order was immediately followed. 'You can take the marine off the ship..' He thought with A sly smirk. "Mmmh " he said stroking the silver locks "You on your knees is a sigh I'll never get used to, but I'm sure as hell gonna try." By one Jethro was nuzzling the VERY prominent bulge in the crotch of Tony's slacks.

Tony was so glad only he got to see this side to Jethro, the sweet submissive do-anything-to-please-you side. It meant he was the only one Jethro trusted not to abuse or use it to his advantage. Outside of the bedroom that is.

Jethro's tongue was grazing Tony's zipper, asking Tony's permission, such a rare occurrence that the younger man can do little more than to let out a strangled moan and a nod.  This time was no different to that trend. Once he had permission Gibbs, even shy sub Gibbs, was not one to waste time. Tony's pants were undone and his hard cock was down Jethro's throat in no time at all.

Tony's hand hit the wall so hard he was sure at least Ziva heard it as the other clutched the solder strands covering his boyfriends head, pilling just hard enough so Gibbs enjoyed it.

Jethro groaned around the hard cock in his mouth, bobbing his head quickly and lightly grazing his teeth against the firm skin at just the right moments to have tiny squirming and trying not to thrust against Jethro's throat.

He'd missed this, lately they hadn't had much time, they'd been on call for three straight weeks so what little time they COULD find had been hard fucks against the nearest available surface between work. Considering their usual routine of three rounds a day it was tough,

There was just something to Jethro about hearing and seeing the heights of pleasure he could bring Tony to without the haze of his own pleasure. By now he could tell Tony was close by the moans that caught themselves in the younger mans throat and the taste of Tony's pre cum on his tongue.

"Fuck yeah can you taste how much I want you, fuck Jethro yessss~"  they'd been here around twenty minutes and before long people would be looking for them or reporting the 'broken' elevator.  So Jethro used the one trick that was sure to have Dinozzo cumming hard as a teenager in seconds; he swallowed all ten inches down to the hilt and hummed as loudly as he could.

"Oh, fuck Jethro!" Tony's voice was strangled with the effort not to scream as his cum poured down his lovers throat, even just the sight of Jethro pulling off and licking his lips was hot and had tiny groaning, "that, is how much I fucking want you," and with that he fixed his clothes slammed his hand on the red button and waltzed out of the lift unable to keep the smirk off his fade of the spring from his step.
Want Me NCIS Gibbs/Tony oneshot.
Okayyyyy IRS been way to long since I've posted but here is a little NCIS TIBBS oneshot for all your perverted fantasies. Story is mine, characters and background are clearly the property of NCIS producers whoever they may be.
Okay so tomorrow I'm going into hospital for surgery... Again. He fully this time they actually give me it. Wish me luck! I won't be back till at least Tuesday latest Thursday. Sayonara!
Okay so tomorrow I'm going into hospital for surgery... Again. He fully this time they actually give me it. Wish me luck! I won't be back till at least Tuesday latest Thursday. Sayonara!


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I'm a sixteen year old emo/goth with blue eyes but I wear silver contacts. my hair is naturally brown and shaved down to one centimetre on the right side as well as dyed purple, I love reading and writing and sketching but mainly I love my music writing and book writing. I want to be the next JKRowling and I work hard for that dream! I'm friendly mostly but hurt my friends and you won;t survive the buttkicking I love wolves because they're a family and i love their loyalty, I love vampires because of the dark, gothic romance that tends to come with them. and finally I'm Just a little crazy. if you have a problem with me, i'll deal with it myself not brag to others, i expect the same courtesy

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